Village Square Leisure Center

Village Square Leisure Center – Extensive Renovation.

This City of Calgary Recreational facility was scheduled for Extensive interior upgrades and refurbishing. Calibre, alongside Stantec Engineers, completed the relocation of two major electrical water pumps for safety and aesthetic reasons that were situated on the top edge of the very popular dive tank. These huge pumps were moved into the basement and installed on a new concrete pad to accommodate the two large concrete holes cored through the side of the tank to install inlet and outlet valves for a completely redesigned water supply. This was no easy feat having to ensure no leaks considering the amount and volume of water pressure this tank was capable of generating.

The renovation included the complete cleansing of all the pools, complex filtration systems, plumbing, electrical, millwork, and repair and replacement of hundreds of broken or damaged tiles, and extensive regrouting due to excessive wear from years of high traffic with the general public.

Calibre’s weekly on-site construction updates with clients, trades, engineers, architects and City officials along with our comprehensive communication program ensured the schedule was maintained and any unforeseen issues that arose were identified and dealt with immediately.

As prime Contractor, Calibre secured all required permits and the scope of work was completed ahead of schedule including a vast amount of additional work that was added during the projects progress.

It was vital to the scheduled reopening that Calibre’s attention to detail and ongoing deficiency review program meant an almost non-existent deficiency list at the end of the project. This was an important factor as once opened to the public, carrying out deficiencies would have been a difficult if not impossible task.

Thankfully, and because of our attention to detail, everything went according to plan and everyone involved were proud of carrying out such a detailed and difficult project not only efficiently, but also and again, on time and on budget.

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