Trail Appliances - Living Kitchen

Trail Appliances – Showroom Installation & Office Renovation

A complete new high end "Living Kitchen" displays for Wolf and Sub Zero was installed and major alterations and renovations were made to the administration offices.

Calibre applied for and supplied all building permits through to completion.

The work consisted of concrete scanning and cutting. Calibre use wet cutting equipment to minimize the impact of dust in the show room that was of vital importance to the retail area. Major alterations to the sprinkler system using qualified CASA sprinkler fitters were accomplished. HVAC installers carried out alterations in both the showroom and new offices to accommodate engineering specifications.

Our expertise in precise engineering was vital to the success of the project as precise measurements were required for the kitchen design and appliance placement.

Special attention was paid to creating a new viewing window overlooking the new showroom floor area.

The work was completed on schedule and on budget while the Showroom remained open to the public with minimal interruption.

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