The Terrace

The Terrace - Courtyard Waterproofing

The Terrace Courtyard Waterproofing was a major undertaking.

Heavy equipment had to be lifted by crane into the raised courtyard. This was no small feat, requiring critical coordination between street closures, crane operators and concrete cutting, all taking place with minimal disruption to both apartment owners and the general public.

With all of the large equipment involved, safety was as always a priority and with the help of Calibre’s in-house Safety Officer, and Hazard Assessments being carried out on a daily basis, Toolbox Meetings and good supervision we were able to complete this project without setbacks.

Because of the nature of the waterproofing system Calibre provided plywood walkways for homeowners to access their units during non-working hours.

Heating and Hoarding were also required due to the extreme colder temperatures that could have had disastrous effects on the results if proper procedures were not in place.

But once again, with good teamwork and coordination with our quality trades this project was brought to a very successful conclusion.

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