Bonavista Estates

Bonavista Estates - Attic Renovations

Bonavista Estates Condo Board in South Calgary selected Calibre to complete work to their attic space in two of their three buildings. Working with Optimize Envelope Engineering we installed permanent and proper safety lighting and walkways in the attics, and made numerous repairs to their fire and smoke barriers within each section of the roof space.

Vapor barriers were also badly in need of professional repair in numerous places. Existing insulation was moved to expose the affected areas with new repairs carried out and new insulation blown in to top up and enhance the R-value for all of the units.

The venting to all existing plumbing stacks were found to be in very bad condition due to poor workmanship carried out during original installation, and in some cases not even code compliant.

Calibre Carpenters and HVAC team successfully carried out all necessary repairs, which made a major difference to the energy rating of the entire complex.

Working out mutually beneficial schedules with the condo board, homeowners and our trades meant this project went smoothly and quickly for all involved.

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