Spokane Pole Buildings

A Spokane pole buildings is a simplistic design that creates a cost effective, strong, durable and long lasting structure. Pole buildings are structures built normally with 6x6 or 6x8 pressure treated posts. These posts are spaced from 8' to 12' apart and are secured 3 feet or more into the ground by concrete. Pre-engineered trusses are then secured to a notch on the top of the posts. 2x6 or 2x8 purlins are then evenly spaced between the trusses 16" to 24" apart depending on the particular engineering for the snow load application in your area, using joist hangers. The girts are very similar and are spaced on the posts normally 24" apart, either on the outside of the posts for most applications or between the posts for thicker insulation / interior wall applications.

Pole building construction is an aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient construction method. Advantages include:

  • Energy savings because wood has natural insulating properties and the frame provides space for virtually any type of high R-value insulation.
  • A wide variety of building materials may be incorporated into each structure.
  • Pole building buildings are engineered to last, and meet or exceed model building code requirements.
  • Once your structure is built, less building maintenance is required to keep it looking good than other types of buildings.

Stimson Contracting Inc. understands how important it is for you to work with a company that is knowledgeable, honest and listens to what the CUSTOMER wants. We take great pride in every project large or small. We provide quality workmanship to YOUR specifications, along with the city and county codes and engineered plans, in a timely manner. We stand behind all of our buildings for one full year. We provide every customer with a requested start date and a requested end date on every building contract.

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